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  • Is high school band difficult?
    Just like anything that is skill-based, band takes effort. We try to be as flexible as possible with students regardless of how much prior experience you have had. It does help to already be able to read music and play your instrument prior to enrolling as students are not given individual instruction during class time. Our goal and mission is for students to learn and grow as musicians as well as engage in the learning process. This means you may be frustrated from time to time, but the program is designed to foster and encourage musical and personal maturity.
  • Does Band look good on college applications?
    Absolutely! Music students stand out. In fact, most college admissions departments seek out music students. Music students are often more organized, have better time management skills, and are open to learning subjects in a variety of ways.
  • Does band take up all of my time?
    No. If you choose to participate in marching band, it is a time commitment much like anything else. However, it does not prevent you from participating in other classes, activities, and co-curriculars. Again, you need to balance your schedule and be mindful of your commitments as the first half of the school year includes marching band.
  • Can I play sports/other co-curricular activities?
    Yes! Most of our students are highly involved in various activities and clubs around campus. We encourage you to have a variety of interests. Like many students, it is your responsibility to be mindful of your time and other commitments as band, like sports, is a team effort where everyone is a starter.
  • What are the GPA Eligibility Requirements for Extracurriculurs?
    In order to be fully eligible to perform, students need to have a 2.0 total non-weighted GPA at the official previous 6 week marking period. Having a 2.0+ makes them eligible for the next 6 weeks. Only the official 6 week grades count. If a student raises their grades before the next six week marking period, this does not change their eligibility status. If a student earns below a 2.0, they may be eligible to apply for probation according to the following requirements: 1 - Only students with a 1.75+ may apply for probation. Application does not guarantee approval. The application begins with the ineligible student contacting the Activities Director. 2 - Students are allowed to have one probation in 9th/10th grades and one probation in 11th/12th grades. This includes all performance groups and sports. Therefore, if they used their underclassmen probation in soccer as a freshmen, they cannot also use it as a sophomore in band.
  • What is the time commitment outside of school?
    For our band classes, you will have concerts and festivals which take place outside of the normal school day, but these are announced well in advance. For specific ensembles like marching band and jazz band, performances may be added. For marching band, we rehearse Mondays and Wednesdays from 6pm-9pm and Saturdays vary based on competitions or regular rehearsal days.
  • Can I earn PE credit from participating in marching band?
    Yes! After successful completion of PE your freshman year, you are eligible to enroll in Marching Band PE your sophomore and junior years.
  • Can I take jazz band?
    Jazz band is by Ms. Mandler’s approval, so emailing is the best way to start. Let’s see what we can do! We play at a variety of concerts and community events.
  • What about tests and homework?
    Performances and practice! These are the music versions of tests and homework. Band is a group performance class. Performance situations can’t be tailored to individual students and these serve as growth opportunities for all students. Performances are infrequent (exception is marching band, but this is an extracurricular, not a class). Since we depend on each other significantly, it is a great loss to miss anyone, therefore; all performances are required. The contribution of each student is critical and irreplaceable. You will receive a performance schedule well in advance. Should anything in the schedule change, you will be notified immediately.
  • Does the school provide instruments?
    We have a limited inventory, so we can help with the larger, more expensive instruments, but we do encourage students to have their own instruments whenever possible. If the cost of renting an instrument is an issue, please feel free to contact Ms. Mandler and we can come to an arrangement.
  • Does the school provide marching band uniforms?
    Yes, almost everything with the uniform is provided except for socks and marching shoes (purchased).
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